Shift Opening This Friday in San Francisco

Sarah Bryant, February 20

Whew! Just under the wire. My book and its partner print have made their way to the San Francisco Center for the Book, just in time for the opening at the San Francisco Center for the Book tomorrow evening. The trip was not without casualties. The first round was lost somewhere between the UK and the us, half of the shipment was lost, lost, lost. The perils of international shipping, the agony of reshipping, the waiting game. But all is well.


My take on shift? A shifting body during a restless night. The arrangement and rearrangement of the panels echoes the kind of repetitive half-dreaming that comes to me during periods of sleeplessness. The imagery in the book and the print comes directly from photographs of my body moving. The language, when read in different orientations, speaks about ways that we move and change without awareness.


I've just received photos from Macy as she installs the show. I am finally getting my first look at the work of my partners in Shift. I want to get closer! I want to see these prints and hold these books.

photo 1.JPG

If you are in San Francisco, get yourself to the SFCB tomorrow evening! The show will remain open through the Southern Graphics Conference at the end of March.