Pretending to be part of the Polar Vortex in Florida…

Denise Bookwalter

It has been chilly the last few days at Bookwalter Studios. I can’t claim polar vortex or anything along those lines. Here in Florida we only get a few days of below freezing weather and it kills the plants, hopefully some big bugs, and reminds us that the rest of the country is getting snow and ice and that we really shouldn’t complain. A rumor is going around that it is going to snow tomorrow. I think we just want to be part of the vortex. I don’t believe it!

On these “chilly” days of the end of January, I took stock on my progress for my book for our exhibition at San Francisco Center for the book. When I look around the studio there are all sorts of things happening but to an outsider it looks like a whirlwind of paper, colors and book dummies. To me it is the guts of the work. The part that will define the piece is tucked into the bits and pieces and will emerge through the printing and binding like a diamond in the rough.

Here is a glimpse of the rough; you will have to wait for the diamonds.