paper ribbon

Rolls of blue paper ribbons sit in my studio. Last year they functioned as the binary code for locating a specific letter on a mat for casting monotype.

 While it is possible for these rolls of blue paper ribbons to be used to recast the monotype from last year, today I see them as beautiful things in-and-of-themselves. 

beautiful things

beautiful things

I see them as objects with physical and mechanical limitations. And within limitations, there are endless possibilities.

There are limitations within: his luggage, her house, my day… In the same way that there are limitations within a job case.

graphite rubbing of job case

graphite rubbing of job case

 Even in the endless digital world there are limitations within a tweet.

140 characters

140 characters

From these paper ribbons, I burned a series of screens that I have shipped to Utah for [in code] at the College Book Arts Association Conference will be held in Salt Lake City January 2 – 4.


Using information from hashtags on twitter by conference attendees, Denise Bookwalter, Macy Chadwick, Tricia Treacy and I will print a series of collaborative posters. Using this text-based content we will “retweet” a narrative back through social media.

This on-site project will be an installation and a collaborative printing experience that extends the dialogue of the College Book Arts Association Conference to a broader audience during January 2-5, 2014. At the same time, Sarah Bryant will be printing covers using the same content from twitter to later be used for zines that document the [in code] project.

Later in 2014 (March 27-29,) We  will repeat the project in San Francisco during the SGC conference.

This idea is inspired by our dual interests in limitations of communication in a physical sense in both the digital and the analog worlds. We will spend one day in the printshop at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City (on-site during the conference) working with the text-based content to produce a series of posters. 

However anyone in the world can use [#printedword #woodtype #letterpress #shiftlab #cbaa] hashtags to participate in [in code].


Katie B.