in search of shifts

As always, the project I am working on has become a lens through which I see my everyday life.  Objects, buildings, books I have considered on a daily basis take on a new tone. I haven't had much time to work on my Shift book since November, but I have had shifts on my mind for weeks. Today I dig through some books in my collection in search of some.

A Shift in Structure Live, from the Delay by Ryan Flaherty, designed and printed by Friedrich Kerksieck of Small Fires Press.


In order to accommodate some unusual line lengths and long format poetry, This book can be shaken out into a wall hanging, complete with eyelets.


A Shift in Materials Thirst or Surfeit by Elizabeth Robinson, designed and printed by Emily Tipps of High5 Press.


Another instance of line length problem solving that I particularly like. Tipps has used handmade paper to create a framework for poetry of different length and size.


A Shift in Direction Self Dual, by Ellen Knudson of Crooked Letter Press


A book about a series of round trip journeys.

A Shifting Image By-and-by by Amy Bloom, imagery by M. Jordan Tierney, Designed and Printed by Robin Price, Publisher.